Strategic alliance enables organizations to efficiently manage compliance programs, understand security and privacy vulnerabilities, and mitigate the risk of incidents and breaches

STAMFORD, CT – April 29, 2020 – Orrios LLC, a leading provider of data privacy and information security compliance software, today announced a referral agreement with Datalink Networks, Inc., a California-based IT consulting and managed services company. Under this agreement, Datalink Networks will market OnTrack®, Orrios’ data privacy and information security compliance software, to organizations seeking to enhance the way they protect sensitive and confidential information they handle.

Together, Datalink Networks and Orrios enable organizations to proactively manage compliance with internationally recognized standards, frameworks, and regulations while leveraging expert IT management and monitoring services designed to avoid security incidents and data breaches.

“It is my pleasure to announce that the OnTrack compliance platform is now available to our clients through our portfolio of services and solutions,” said Donald Wisdom, President of Datalink Networks. “Partnering with Orrios fosters our goal of helping IT leaders, CISOs, and information security managers protect their organizations against both internal and external threats while efficiently managing IT requirements in a dynamic business environment.”

Today, executive teams, boards of directors, and other stakeholders expect greater visibility into their organization’s security and privacy strengths and weaknesses. Insights from reports and dashboards like those featured in OnTrack enable leaders to understand their security gaps, improve decision making to help mitigate privacy and security risks, and demonstrate a robust security posture to clients, vendors, and other third parties.

“Meeting evolving government privacy and security regulations and demonstrating privacy and security readiness to clients and third parties has become a pain point for organizations of all sizes — especially small to mid-sized companies,’ notes, Howard Hoffmann, CEO of Orrios. “We are excited to partner with the Datalink Networks team to support their clients as they create and continuously improve ISO, NIST, HIPAA, and other compliance programs in a holistic, cost-effective way.”

About Datalink Networks

Datalink Networks designs solutions for companies in five key information technology areas; collaboration, cloud technology, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and data center. Our experienced design and engineering teams apply years of experience to bring the right IT solutions to any organization. With 30 years of experience working with all the major hardware and software vendors, we know how to design the right solutions for your business. Learn more at

About Orrios

Exceptional business performance, vendor relationships, and client loyalty require an exceptional security and privacy posture. Orrios develops software designed to help companies manage information security, data privacy, and related business risks. Our software empowers business leaders and their teams to understand their strengths and vulnerabilities, develop programs that protect against the risk of incidents and breaches, and create confidence among their board, clients, and partners. Learn more at

ORRIOS’ OnTrack platform enables organizations to develop effective data privacy and information security programs, so they can demonstrate compliance for customers, regulators, and stakeholders. OnTrack helps guide compliance teams in creating, managing, analyzing, monitoring, and continuously improving sound compliance programs for a variety of compliance frameworks, standards, and regulatory requirements.

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