Threats, Risks, and How to Protect Student and Faculty Data

Join ORRIOS and our trusted partner Datalink Networks for an on-demand webinar as we discuss the biggest cybersecurity threats to school systems, the financial risks they face as a result of a data breach, and the steps school administrators can take today to secure their information ecosystem and improve their security posture.

Presenters include Steve Henn, Chief Revenue Officer of ORRIOS, Brian Wisdom of Datalink Networks, and Jake Perez, Founder of TrinSecurity. Together, they address the reasons schools are prime targets for hackers, the surprising causes of information security incidents in schools, and how to avoid these expensive cyber crimes in your school or district.

Register today to view the recording and learn:

  • How cyber risks and data breaches affect school system leaders and what to include in your strategic plan
  • Why the lack of an information security program, based on a recognized framework, hurts your ability to protect your school’s cyber environment
  • Which strategies, processes, and technologies to consider when developing an information security program and policies
  • How you can meet important information security priorities by identifying assets where personally identifiable information (PII) is stored
  • Questions to ask when evaluating information security compliance management software